The major stock markets in the world, with the exception of India, have recovered to the level before the Lehman’s collapse in October 2008, and securities firms in the U.S. and Europe are seeing improving earnings. Securities companies still face a myriad of challenges, however, because of the persisting uncertain investment climates in the U.S. and Europe, particularly in the U.S. With the economic conditions in developed countries sagging once again, funding of companies is slumping, and the monetary easing measures now almost exhausted, prospects are bleak for bond investments, too. The investment environment will undergo significant changes in the future. Investments will shift from developed countries, such as the U.S. and Europe, to emerging markets like the so-called BRICs countries. Whether to capitalize on the funds flowing in as a result of worldwide excess money efficiently or to develop high value-added products catering to the needs of securitization of loan receivables and defined contribution pension funds, the ability of securities firms is tested.

LeadCap Expertise
In order to establish a potent business platform capable of compensating for the vulnerability toward changes in the market environment, structurally inherent in the securities industry, LeadCap Consulting offers a wide range of services including the optimization of product- and service-mix, initiatives geared toward customer-based sales and regional strategies, responses toward speeding up the settlement process, and the restructuring of systems.