Other Financial Service:-

After the subprime crisis, the non-bank industry, whose operations rely largely on personal financing, such as housing loans, credit cards, credit loans, and consumer financing, faces changes in governmental regulations and is forced to outgrow the traditional business model. The survival strategy of non-bank businesses needs to include through risk management, including protection of customers’ credit information, and development of new services catering to the needs of slow-healing middle-class consumers. On the other hand, there is some indication for new movements, with their knowhow attracting attention from abroad as a supply source for personal financing and the spread of e-money encouraging expansion into the small-amount settlement market. Only those that can adapt to new business models and adequately cope with opportunities of advancing overseas and expanding business will be able to make use of the environmental changes as business opportunities.

LeadCap Expertise
LeadCap Consulting, on the strength of its broad consulting experience in the banking and leasing industries, offers the non-bank industry various services to reinforce their management capabilities as well as services for system implementation. In particular, LeadCap has lined up a series of integrated services from the formulation of management strategies, support of enterprise transformation, to system implementation, which it has nurtured through its experience in the leasing and credit industries, and provides non-banks with support services for enterprise transformation that enables the quick and high-quality implementation of its core systems.