Due to the global economic downturn, the trend of reduced capital investment by companies is not likely to change in any noticeable way. On the contrary, companies are seeking transformation into an even lower-cost business structure. To leasing businesses, this in a way presents an opportunity to create new services. To ensure growth potential of the industry as a whole, it will be necessary to develop both B-to-B and B-to-C services. In the consumer market, significant opportunities may lie in the fields of IT devices with short product lifecycles, automobiles requiring high upkeep cost, and healthcare and nursing care for the elderly. For the B-to-B market, it will become increasingly vital to expand the scope of services and provide comprehensive solutions, with a focus on value-added services with technical consulting and solutions, coordinated services, and services utilizing technical knowhow of the leasing business.

LeadCap Expertise
LeadCap Consulting, through its many years of experience in general leasing and auto-lease consulting, has been offering integrated services from support of management strategy formulation and business process transformations to the development of core business systems. LeadCap Consulting's expertise in leasing operations, including accounting and taxation, enables it to provide optimal solutions to an industry facing major changes.