Industry Solutions:-

The Indian economy has entered a new phase. In the short-term, enterprises, under the current economic climate, must find their way through the raging storm by further improving their balance sheets and pursuing efficient ways of managing and raising funds. In the medium- to long-term, on the other hand, enterprises must embark on new investments to create new demand, as well as equip themselves as a going concern, amid the overwhelming trend of the aging society and the dwindling workforce. Under such circumstances, industrial corporations, in terms of their treasury and financial functions, will also require growth strategies that assume heightened internal controls and an even more refined form of risk management.

At LeadCap Consulting, by leveraging the financial know-how that we have accumulated so far in the various financial fields, including banking, securities, insurance and leasing, we offer a wide range of services from consulting services, including strategy formulation relating to business finance, improvement of funding efficiency based on CMS, refinement of financial accounting and improving the efficiency thereof as well as risk management support, to services that support system implementation.