Environmental Solution:-

Due to changes in the energy market structure post-March 2011 as well as the global shift to a low carbon society, energy and carbon risks are expected to become even more pressing matters in the years to come for enterprises and public organizations. At LeadCap Consulting., we support the continuous implementation of viable energy and carbon risk measures that are linked to management strategies from both the executive and operational perspectives.

Features of LeadCap’s Environment Solutions and Services

  • Broad Service Line-up
Our services encompass the entire spectrum of processes from the “executive” to “operational” levels and from strategies that connect the entire organization to outsourcing.
  • Sophisticated Know-how that Maximizes Performance
By drawing on our domestic and global networks, we will consolidate our wealth of energy-related know-how and propose optimal measures fine-tuned to the latest market conditions.
  • Continuous Support Structure
A long-term perspective is the key to successful energy and CO2 emission reduction measures. At LeadCap Consulting, we preserve the measures’ effectiveness by continuing the PDCA cycle.
  • New Business Opportunities
We create new environment services for our clients by combining them with our proprietary products and services. With LeadCap Consulting’ s support, our clients discover ways of increasing their revenues from new businesses.

Overview of services
LeadCap Consulting provides enterprises and public organizations comprehensive support in their energy and carbon risk measures, from strategy formulation to execution of measures and operation.