Business Intelligence:-

Corporations require understanding various signals or signs accurately from inside and outside of them and making constant efforts of reflecting their suggestions on their corporate activities in order to make appropriate decisions under situations of rapid changes of management environments and markets.

Business intelligence in the years to come needs to understand signs happening right now with use of data analytics technology from various data obtained in real time such as big data existed inside and outside of corporations, predict future to come, plan strategy and measures to respond to changes and contribute significantly to implement measures.

LeadCap Consulting contributes to our clients’ corporations to maintain and increase their profitability and realize their permanent growth to support corporate change providing the most advanced service and solution at the era of big data with our abundant experience and knowledge such as statistical analyses and data mining and making full use of the latest data analytics technology.

Framework of LeadCap BI
LeadCap’ s Business Intelligence (LeadCap BI) series supports enterprises by providing professional services in the three fields of strategy / measure formulation (BI-Strategy), BI system development / implementation (BI-Implementation) and data analysis (BI-Analysis).

  • Gathering and analysis of accumulated data
BI Analysis
Gather, filter and analyze target data and convert it into valuable information.
Make suggestions and proposals to reinforce operations

o  - Formulating hypotheses
o  - Gathering data
o  –Analyzing data (multidimensional / mathematical models)
o - Proposing actions, etc.
  • Incorporation of BI into strategies and execution of management / business renovations
BI Strategy
Make proposals on strategy, support decision-making and upgrade management systems on the basis of knowledge gleaned from analysis results.

Incorporating BI into management and business strategies and the implementation there of
o  - Setting KPIs / reinforcing business management functions
o  - Revising marketing strategies, etc.
  • Development / upgrading of data analysis platforms and reinforcement of business infrastructure
BI Implementation
Reinforce the business infrastructure associated with the execution of strategies and design, develop and upgrade IT infrastructure that supports the PDCA cycle based on data analysis.

o  - Implementing / embedding data-driven operations, which draw on analysis technology
o  - Implementing BI solutions
o  - Implementing / upgrading BI infrastructure, etc.

LeadCap BI Service Concept
LeadCap Consulting. will support the development of “corporate BI capabilities” and directly contribute to the enhancement of the certainty of decision making and profitability.

About services provided in the LeadCap BI series
LeadCap Consulting., as a comprehensive consulting firm, offers 7 BI solutions for each business layer of “Business Management,” “Business Function Area,” and “Administration Function Area” by utilizing our strengths, such as business process coverage from all angles, business expertise, and reform supporting know-how, etc.