After the collapse of Lehman Brothers, banks continue to face severe conditions despite a huge amount of financial assistance made to them by national governments - mainly of developed countries - to boost the economy. Although the economic environment seems to have improved for the moment in the U.S and Europe, many banks are still plagued by bad loans. Loan requests, too, remain sluggish due to the economic stagnation. Financial crises, like those in Ireland and Greece in which bank failures have spilt over to the national finance, may spread even further. On the other hand, monetary easing steps by the U.S and other countries have led to a state of excess money globally, and the money deserting banks are now flying all over the globe as investment funds. With international finance remaining unstable, steering in bank management is likely to be even tougher in the future.

LeadCap Expertise
LeadCap Consulting offers a wide range of services, from management strategies to various business process transformations as well as system implementation, to support the solution of these issues surrounding bank management. LeadCap Consulting is home to a large number of seasoned experts in the strategies, business processes and IT of the banking industry, and our customers, mainly the market leaders of the industry, continuously utilize our manifold services, including start-ups, ITplanning/implementation/development support, BPR, refinement of enterprise management (financial accounting, management accounting), business integration and business rehabilitation, according to the needs of their particular business stage.